Monday, April 7, 2008

Support emagineGreen!

I haven't posted yet about emagineGreen(tm), a company I've been working with since last fall. They are a women-run, direct sales company that provides environmental education and products designed to prompt behavior change (their market being women, who in America spend $1.7 trillion/year on household products such as paper napkins, garbage bags, and disposable water bottles.) I will have more posts on them in the upcoming weeks, but for now, they need your help! emagineGreen is a finalist for a backstage pass to meet Jon Bon Jovi and tell him about emagineGreen in person!

Please visit this website and VOTE for Tonya Ensign's entry (emagineGreen founder). You can see the results of the vote after you make your selection. It takes less than 2 minutes! PLEASE VOTE once per day until Friday, April 11th when the winner is announced!

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