Thursday, April 24, 2008

music together

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'm a bit behind with work, and after being away last weekend, am still playing catch-up. Tomorrow morning is Mirelle's Music Together class. Gosh is it fun. I think I have as much fun watching her dance around as she's having dancing. (Mirelle's dancing moves consist of lots of knee bending and clapping.) I'm so glad my friend, fellow mama (and my Durango chiropractor) Mimi introduced Music Together to us with her little gal Sophia.

I've been reading the little book they send home on the first day of music class, and it's fascinating to me the impact early music education can have on children. More the reason to break out the instruments at home and make music, together!

Here's an easy tambourine idea: take two paper plates, fill them with beans, staple around the edges (I sealed the staples with packing tape), et voila! Perfect for scribbling with crayon, glitter, etc, and then ready for play.

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