Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A cool new website my friend Mel mentioned to me: GenGreen is all about sustainable living with an emphasis on the local. You pick your state, then choose from a menu of businesses, events, transportation options, jobs, recycling centers - the gamut. A really great resource, especially with all of the Earth Day events coming up. (I clicked on 'events' under the Colorado listings and found out about an Environmental Film Festival in Fort Collins and EarthDay 08 at Centerra with a focus on local stuff (suprising considering it's a big box strip mall in Northern Colorado).

The site also list local Farmer's Markets (an important piece of info this time of year), as well as green tips and a green dictionary. I like this word/definition:

Cradle to cradle - The application of environmentally safe materials in the production of goods. Also, implementing strategies for material reutilization, including, but not limited to, recycling and composting, the efficient use of water and energy and the use of clean, renewable energy. And lastly, practicing social responsibility. This process traces the production of one product through its life cycle and plans for its reuse as a product in a new form.

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