Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring renewal (in a few areas)

My personal spring renewal plan (a work in progress):

Improved my skincare routine after a trip to Pharmaca. My revamped program is this:
(Oh, and let me just preface this by saying that this isn't an inexpensive routine. But really, isn't my skin worth it? That's my justification to Ross any way...)

Before bed:
1. Jurlique creamy balancing cleanser
2. witch hazel astringent (plain 'ol witch hazel, any brand)
3. couple drops of Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel*
*the skin specialists at Jurlique don't recommend moisturizing at night before bed. I know, sounds crazy, but the aesthetician at Pharmaca said it's because at night, our skin is trying to repair and rebuild, and the heavy moisturizers can get in the way of that. The Herbal Recovery Gel 'feeds' the skin, so to speak, with lots of amazing botanicals.

In the morning:
1. Wash face with warm water
2. Jurlique moisturizer
3. Jane Iredale loose powder (SPF 20)
4. Spritz Jane Iredale hydration mist to set the minerals (I love this new way to protect my skin! For hikes or lots of exposure to the sun, I use Jurlique's SPF.)
*visit here for more info on Jane Iredale's mineral cosmetics.

1. More beans and whole grains made in pressure cooker
2. Plan meals out ahead of time; get grains or beans soaking in the a.m. at breakfast for that night's meal
3. Plan on last night's leftovers for lunch
4. Continue with mulitvitamins and omega 3 oil (fish oil) capsules

1. Do something every day.
2. Mix it up: One long run a week, one ride a week, one zumba class a week, and yoga sprinkled in

1. Mini meditation right when I get to my desk (even just 2 minutes)
2. Journal once a week (used to be every day ... I'm not going to push my luck now...)

1. Set watch timer to remind to stretch every hour

I'll continue to add to this list...

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