Thursday, June 19, 2008

see how the garden grows...

Mid-June, and the garden is growing! I think it's past that tender 'will it make it?' stage, but now we have to hope the little flying beetle bug dudes don't chomp all of the greenery. Last summer they had a hey day with the kale and chard. Seems like they're taking a liking to the baby bok choy that is looking so tender and sweet at the moment. I'm wondering if I should just harvest it (early) before the bugs get to it. And soap spray helps, too.

Tonight's my sister's first emagineGreen workshop, and I'm going to show up in this tee I designed (also sold by emagineGreen, via my sister). Next Thursday, the workshop's at my house, so if you're in Denver, c'mon over!

I'm also going to talk up the lobotoME pads that emagineGreen sells at both of these workshops - I love using the FeedME pad for meal planning. Meals around here of late have involved a)some sort of bean, b) a grain or pasta and c)a veggie of some sort. I'm really into bean/grain salads - vinegar, olive oil, herbs, maybe some feta cheese. The key to beans is this: eat a small quantity of beans at any given time, but eat beans more often. (At least I think.)

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