Friday, August 22, 2008

amazingly generous giveaways

a couple of shameless plugs for two of my fave blogs...

Head on over to simplemom! Go here to see all of the goods you could win! The gifts are all in-line with simplemom's thoughts on a simple life: green and frugal living, productivity and organization, taking care of yourself, etc.

Simplemom has a lot of good little tidbits for us time-starved, overstretched mamas. I really liked her last series 'how to be disorganized and uproductive at home.' My favorite on that list was not taking care of yourself, which, as I know, will get you every time.

And it's not too late to take part in Jenny's 'Get your yoga on' giveaway at lobotoME's brain fog blog! Jenny had one of those cool scenic yoga mats on our girlZ trip to Moab last weekend. Om shanti. Have a great weekend!

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