Monday, July 21, 2008

blogging hiatus

Need to check out of the blogosphere for a little while - I'm just maxed with work, and need to focus on that. I'm making a pact with myself not to visit any blogs this week either. (Going to be hard, but here goes.)

Here are just a couple of my favorites (visit them for links to more fabulous places to check out in the blogosphere)...

angry chicken
Small Notebook
The Artful Parent


Anonymous said...

Sarah, wow, thanks for including Small Notebook on this list. Good for you to take time to focus! (And your picture is beautiful. I love wearing scarves too.)

LobotoME said...

Totally understand the need for a break! I'll miss your posts but have a good, productive (and hopefully a bit relaxing) week!

J :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Rachel, for the comment, and for popping over to say hi!

Jenny, I wish I could have said my week was relaxing - maybe more like productive! :)