Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I made the stunning realization yesterday that the reason I enjoy going for runs (especially on dirt trails, next to streams, and past blossoming trees) is because it makes me feel really alive. It reminds me (subconsciously) about what I really am and about what I'm here to do. My body gets to work hard, I get to be connected and in touch with the natural world and the rhythyms of the changing season. I made this realization yesterday after being at my desk all day. At 4, Mirelle woke up from her nap and we went outside. Aah! It was such a glorious afternoon. Glorious is the most fitting description. Little blossoms were emerging on a red-leaved bush, the delicate first shoots of growth on the tree in the front yard were starting to shift toward leaves, purple flowers had already appeared on a creeping vine. I plucked one, two, three, four and five ! purple flowers and placed one in each of Mirelle's button holes on her sweater. We watched a fat robin dart from tree to tree. Since Mirelle notices everything, I start to, too -- we are a good team. I show her new things, tell her what things mean; she reminds me of the beauty and wonder in the mundane.

But spring is anything but mundane, and it was just then, laying in the grass with Mirelle, already a world away from the glow of my computer screen, that I remembered/woke up/realized what I already knew: that doing things that make you feel truly ALIVE are really what it's all about. And I remembered how I had felt the day before on my run: it was that feeling. I do love my job, but it's still a job: Working at my computer, sitting, moving from task to task. My work is so much easier at my desk if I instill some aliveness into my day, away from the computer.

Other things that have recently brought on a sense of aliveness: hot yoga class, being creative with paper/collage (need to do this one, but I know it works...)

More aliveness. More often. What does it for you?


LobotoME said...

wonderful post sarah ~~~

i've been working SO MUCH lately (and thereby creating probably too much work for you too!) so I have gotten a bit out of touch....been rushing to & from yoga classes (and not being able to quiet my mind during them) - been rushing through my runs to get back to the office - been rushing our time at the park so I can get home in time for a conference call, etc. etc. I need to slow down. I need to make space to breathe. I need to remember to be mindful everyday with Sam....

Sarah said...

Thanks Jenny... life gets so crazy sometimes it's so easy to lose track of what's really going on in our bodies - physically, emotionally, spiritually! The fact that you recognize this is happening is better than nothing!