Saturday, November 15, 2008

five elements bags

Check out this bag! It's one in a series of five that I designed for emagineGreen. They're part of the 'It's Elemental' collection, and these bags in particular were inspired by the five elements: earth, air, space, water and fire. It's really fun to be branching out into product and pattern design. The best part? The five bags roll up into teeny things that fit nicely in a purse or glovebox, so you always have your reusable bag at the ready. All five fit in a little pouch.

So where can you get these stunning bags? From emagineGreen! Visit my sister's site to shop away, and take care of your holiday gift giving in one step. Plus, then you can say you know the cool person who designed the bags...

Here's the whole set of bags:

Update: go and check out simplemom's awesome reuseable bag giveaway! Wow - I really love those oilcloth bags by ShopWise - very cool.

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